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Adult Fiction

The Womb Rebellion by p.w. long
ISBN: 978-4-902837-90-2
This story is inspired by the historical accounts of enslaved women in the American South…

A peaceful Sunday morning on a South Carolina plantation is disrupted by the suicide of the rebellious Ruby, wife of the hated driver Sam. This event turns the plantation into chaos when the spirit of Ruby returns to produce havoc on the plantation. Ruby’s death most affects the midwife who has become her surrogate mother. Pearl, the midwife, must come to terms with what it means to help birth children who will live their lives in bondage. Ruby’s courage and actions lead the women of the slave quarters in a resistance to producing more slaves for the plantation.

Green Pearl Odyssey
by Reilly Ridgell
ISBN: 978-4-902837-23-0
Price: $16.95
The story, set in the mid-1980s, follows a former Peace Corps Volunteer who kills a mobster's son in revenge for the killing of his wife and brother, then runs to the islands of Micronesia to avoid the mobster's hired killers. The culture and geography of the islands become the backdrop for his flight as he tries to stay one step ahead of his pursuers and deal with his own guilt at the same time. The skinny island of Majuro, lush Pohnpei with its mysterious Nan Madol ruins, the isolation of the Mortlocks, the shipwrecks of the Truk Lagoon, the sailing canoes of Polowat and Satawal, the stone money of Yap, and the modernized lifestyle of Guam all have their parts to play as he jumps from island to island. Finally, on Guam, he confronts the mob boss and his own guilt, and tries to resolve both his physical and emotional dilemmas.

Adult Non-fiction
Love Addiction: A Guide to Emotional Independence by Martha R. Bireda, Ph.D.
ISBN: 978-4-902837-35-3
Tired of unhappy relationships? Do you feel you always choose the wrong person? Do you feel disrespected in the relationship? Are you unable to leave the relationship even though you are unhappy? Then Love Addiction: A Guide to Emotional Independence is the book for you. Love Addiction provides an insightful, step by step guide to help you develop healthy relationship beliefs and behaviors.
Learn how to:
• Assess your addictive thoughts and behaviors
• Change additive thought patterns
• Validate and focus on loving yourself
• Change unhealthy expectations about relationships
• Change your responses in the relationship
Love Addiction is not only a good book for those wanting to change an unhealthy to a healthy relationship but for one who wants to avoid the pitfalls of addictive relationships.

What We Bury At Night: Disposable Humanity
 by Julian Aguon
ISBN: 4-902837-67-6
Price: $14.95
The fate of Micronesia is the fate of Sustainable Humanity. Micronesia is last domino in the quest to globalize the Earth into a singular monoculture. It is the region least affected by the increasingly global culture of conspicuous consumption and individualistic materialism. Micronesia is at a crossroads, as is the human race. If the last region on earth in which, among the majority of the population, communal living based on interconnectedness, extended families, shared resources, non-linear thinking, and a sustainable relationship with the natural environment is the norm is allowed to be destroyed, the future of humanity is truly in jeopardy.

Computing Reality by Masudul Alam Choudhury, Ph.D. and Mohammad Shahadat Hossain, Ph.D.
ISBN: 4-902837-13-7 (SC); 4-902837-01-3 (HC)
Price: $25.95 Softcover; $ 45.00 Hardcover
Space-X CEO Elon Musk said that AI is far more dangerous to the future of humanity than a conflict between the United States and North Korea. The future of AI and Cybernetics depends on the personal value systems of the creators. Scientists with a humanistic value system will create humanistic Artificial Intelligence, while scientists with a more self-serving value system will create self-serving Artificial Intelligence. The emotional intelligence of the developers of AI technology will determine if AI is a benefit or harm to humanity.
Computing Reality is a rare and challenging research output in the area of cybernetic and system theory explaining the meaning behind the understanding, interpretation and application of scientific methodology for knowing scientific truth. Computing Reality invites the reader into understanding a fresh new look at the nature of relations between reasoning, science, and society. Special reference is given to certain fundamental issues of economics and world-system in the context of liberalism, globalization and Islam.


How to Rule the World: Lessons in Conquest for the Modern Prince by J.F. Cummings
ISBN: 978-4-902837-00-1
Price: $34.95
How to Rule the World provides a commentary on today's "modern world" and the "forces" that govern it. This is done in the voice of "civilization's" greatest supporter, an advisor to the Prince. How to Rule the World is a modern adaptation of Machiavelli's The Prince. The author provides the reader, the Prince, with a methodology of non-invasive influence and control that will grant them sovereignty over their desired target nation-state and eventually over the world-at-large.​

Parables of Milk and Might: Development Political Satire - The Voices of the Affected by R.A.N.
ISBN: 4-902837-21-8
Price: $16.95
Written in manner similar to George Orwell's Animal Farm, throughout the book, the central theme presented is the inter-relationship between power and wealth and its influence on the political, economic, social and military development in the world. With power, wealth can be amassed and with wealth, power can be wielded. The transatlantic slave trade and colonialism which robbed Africa of her human and natural resources and brought wealth to the participating countries are classical examples of the demonstration of power and wealth, based on Darwin's theory of evolution, the survival of the fittest. Countries with neither power, nor wealth can only be poor.

Young Adult Fiction
Obi: Seminole Maroon  by Martha R. Bireda
ISBN: 978-4-902837-03-2 
Price: $13.95
Obi: Seminole Maroon is a fictionalized account of the daring escape of a 15 year old enslaved young man and his friends from a cotton plantation in South Carolina who find refuge among the Seminoles of Florida. The story follows Obi’s meeting with the mysterious African Quashee, his transformation from slave to freedom seeker and his escape to Florida. Through the “learnings” provided by Quashee, Obi develops the traits essential for his becoming a Maroon leader, establishing a Maroon village, his fighting in the Gullah Wars of Independence, going to Indian Territory out West, and his subsequent escape to Mexico.

Family & Parenting
Omowali: The Child Returns Home - Reconnecting Our Children With Their True Culture by Martha R. Bireda, Ph.D. and Jaha Cummings
ISBN: 978-4-902837-10-0
Price: $14.95
Our children are in trouble. Of course, not all of them, but enough to consider that youth are in a "crisis of values". Many of the problems that our youth experience regardless of socioeconomic status, have their roots in the inculcation of values that are the antithesis of their true cultural values. This book is intended to be a guide for adults, parents, family members, neighbors, teachers all those who care about our children and desire to help them reclaim and reconnect with their true identity and true culture. We hope to provide concrete ways that adults can both model and talk to our children about the traditional beliefs and values that will enrich and in many cases save their lives. 

Foreign Language Reference/Bilingual Education
Oddities in English: For Anyone Wanting To Speak English Fluently But Perplexed By All Of The Oddities In English Grammar & Pronunciation by Jesus Nuñez Romay
ISBN: 4-902837-05-6
Price: $14.95
One of the reasons why English can be such a hard language to learn is because of its many oddities: its many exception to rules and its varied phonetic pronunciations. This book gives the reader tools to make sense these "Oddities of the English Language" and become fluent speakers of the language in doing so. Subjects covered are: Special Difficulties; Misleading Blends; Idioms; Hints on Pronunciation; False Cognates; Compounds; Shortenings & Blendings; Prepositions; Nominal Verbs; Word Order in English; Acronyms American English and British English: Any Difference?; Shift of Meaning; and Poetry. Oddities in English also has special sections for Spanish Speakers. Oddities in English - The book for anyone wanting to speak English fluently, but perplexed by all of the ODDITIES in English Grammar & Pronunciation.

Post-Revolutionary Cuban Spanish: A Glossary of Social, Political, and Common Terms (Glosario de términos socio-políticos y autóctonos de actualidad (español-inglés)) by Jesus Nuñez Romay
ISBN: 4-902837-06-4
Price: $14.95
​Because the first socialist revolution in the Americas took place in Cuba, this country has also seen the rise of new terms and the introduction of new, very specific meanings for old terms, adopted as required to express new realities. How can these neologisms be rendered in English, when no English-speaking country has as yet carried out a Marxist-Leninist social revolution and, therefore, no ready-made equivalents are available? This situation has been a poser not only for translators but also for language teachers and other professionals whose work required frequent contact with English. The present glossary should be exceptionally useful to all of them.


Cuba is a State of Mind (The Spiritual Traveler, Vol I) by p.w. long, Juaquin Santiago, and Elijo Truth
ISBN: 4-902837-18-8
Price: $12.95
​The Spiritual Traveler Series provides the reader with a new type of travel writing experience. Instead of simply looking at the sights, sounds, and tastes of a locale, the Spiritual Traveler allows the reader to experience the consciousness of a nation. "A Tourist takes in the local sights; a Traveler sees the reality of a landscape." In writing on travel to Cuba, the Spiritual Traveler decides to give a voice to the Cuban Silent Majority. The Silent Majority in Cuba are: Voices unheard in books about Cuba. This is the first book to give voice to the Cuban Silent Majority, to hear their stories and know their consciousness. It gives future travelers to Cuba another perspective of Cuba to consider.

Micronesia: The Good Life: The Spiritual Traveler, Vol. 2 - A Pictorial Journey by p.w. long & Juaquin Santiago

ISBN: 978-4-902837-02-5

Price: $29.95
What is the "good life"? Is it given or must we earn it? Must we give something up to get it? On her trip to Micronesia, the Marshall Islands, Pohnpei, Kosrae, Chuuk, Guam, Tinian, Rota, Palau, and Yap, traveler pondered the meaning of "the good life". What better place on earth to consider this question than on these islands so bountifully blessed by nature and inhabited by some of the last sustainable cultures on the earth. After traveling throughout these idyllic islands, one question remained deep in the heart of the traveler. By whose standards do we judge the good life, and must we give up our identity, our cultural center, and our essence to have it, even if the definition is not our own?

The Spiritual Traveler Series: Instead of simply looking at the sights, sounds, and tastes of a locale, the reader is allowed to experience the consciousness of a nation.

​Literary Criticism
¡Palabra! : Black Identity in the Literature of the Spanish Caribbean by Diana Pardo, Ph.D.
ISBN: 978-4-902837-49-0
Price: $19.95
In her analysis the author applies the theory of “deterritorialization” as proposed by Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari, who study the use of the dominant language by a minority for the creation of a style alien to that of the standard. The creation of this style offers another possibility of expression for that particular group. Through the application of this theory she illustrates how the Ana Lydia Vega, Blas Jiménez, and Nancy Morejón significantly question the national values that shaped the thought of Caribbean society, as they humanize the image of blacks by depicting real and legitimate dimensions of the black psyche in the Spanish-speaking Caribbean islands.

Health & Wellness

Common Sense Healing by James A. May

ISBN: 978-4-902837-61-2

Price: $19.95
Two people go to see a doctor. They both have the same illness. He gives the same treatment to both people. One person heals yet the other does not-why? Is it the doctor? The doctors gave the exact same treatment to both people! This is where it now falls on you the individual. One person took responsibility for their healing and they healed. The other did not and they didn’t heal. Life can and does teach us through sickness. Once you learn the lesson that the sickness is trying to teach you; the sickness goes away! I repeat once you learn the lesson that the sickness is trying to teach you; the sickness goes away!
A person can catch a cold or the flu during the winter months. But a person does not catch Cancer or Hepatitis or Lupus. These diseases and most major diseases manifest over various periods of time - not over night! If you are suffering from a major disease, your body has been crying out to you but you didn’t understand what it needed from you to be healthy. You do not yet understand the language in which your body was speaking to you. Now, you are about to embark on your inner journey of self-healing. You will discover how to become your body’s best friend and it will reward you with good health. As you begin to understand what your physical hygiene is, you will grow to understand your Mental and Emotional Hygiene and how important they are to maintain good health as well. All human beings have the power to heal themselves! If a child falls and hurts his/her knee they will immediately put their hand on the knee. If the child has a stomachache they will put their hand on the stomach. Instinctively, the child is placing his or her hand over the area where there is pain. By doing this the child is sending healing energy into their body albeit unconsciously. No one has to teach them to this, children do it naturally!

Religion & Spirituality

Selected Prayers for Enlightenment by Sixto J. Novaton
ISBN: 978-4-902837-22-3
Price: $13.95​
This work is intended for all those that wish to connect to spiritual divine energies, and forces. This is for those wishing to forge a relationship with ancestor, spirit guides, angels, divinities, and deities through devout spiritual devotion. It all begins with the erection of a spiritual altar, or shrine in your home. Dedicating one hour a week to solemn devoted prayer, this will soon become ritual, the ritual turns into a connection; and enlightenment is achieved. Once, enlightenment is achieved come the next step, which is communication by way of divination. Through divination  the communication, revelations, or messages become clarified, so verification and proof of your spirituality working is achieved. These selected prayers will nourish people's psyches. provide protection, and take people's spirituality to a higher level. 

​Yoruba 16 Oracle Geomancy  by Sixto J. Novaton

ISBN: 978-4-902837-16-2

Price: $16.95
Obtaining an oracle for divination from the coconut/cowrie/coin toss:
This simple system, developed with insights from the cowrie (dilogun) and Ifa systems of divination, is a written for those who after having dedicated much time to spiritual enlightenment, now have a need to verify their communication through a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questioning system, plus a more elaborate simple binary extension. Plainly, there are those who do not have an affinity with any divination system. Baba Sixto put together this system of 16 basic signs that will support the communication necessary for any individual to obtain answers. The rest is up to the individual’s merited grace and intuition. This system will also expand an individual’s medium development through devotion and practice. To be utilized are four circular coconut shells, 4 coins, or 4 cowrie shells. The objects need to be of the same type, shape, and one side can be identified as facing upward (1), and the bottom side (0). In this book, Baba Sixto also provides readers with instructions on simple, but effective spiritual remedies such as setting  up a spiritual altar, generating a spiritual bath, knowing how to influence people using spirituality, knowing how to perform an exorcism using ashes, how to overcome an evil spirit, simple ground feeding ritual, simple door feeding, spiritual baths to expunge negative influence and attract positive energies, simple love spell, protection against enemies, simple head washing ritual. 

Upcoming Titles 

Souletry by Clare Calvo-Smith
Martha Graham said that dance was the secret language of the soul... SOULETRY is the literary expression of that dance.

Children's Perspectives on ESL Education in a Post-Colonial Context Society by Teresita Santiago Rivera, Ph.D.
This book describes the interesting reactions of children toward the compulsory teaching of English in the colonial/postcolonial context of Puerto Rico. It discusses how these children perceive the images of Latino characters embedded in the stories found in the textbooks used to teach English. Racism, bilingual education, national and cultural identity issues were brought up by the children and discussed through a critical lens.

The Incomplete Sorcerer by Brian Ardel
The Incomplete Sorcerer is an adventure set in the ancient past, when the magical arts were still used. The adventures of Alar, a young, untrained magician, desperately trying to save his love and the realm by defeating an incredibly evil master sorcerer, all while using a spell book missing the most important parts of each spell. The chaotic misfiring of the spells make Alar’s adventures both heart pounding and humorous.

Caribbean Visions by Alejandro Torres Saavadra, Ph.D.
The real spirit of a people lies in its cultural roots. In Caribbean Visions, the author opens the way for readers to fully comprehend the essence of the Caribbean spirit. The author places Cuba firmly in the Caribbean cultural context and in so doing seeks to affirm the Caribbean identity of Cubans. The interview with Barbadian poet and writer Edward Kamau Braithwaite provides an excellent  starting point to understand the Caribbean identity. Professor Braithwaite provides an enlightening overview of how the nature of the settlement of the islands, slavery, the nature of the imposition of European culture, and finally the culture of resistance carried out by Africans have all shaped the Anglophone Caribbean Area, and how decolonization and recolonization continue to impact and pose problems in the contemporary Caribbean.